Wall Painting Tips

Are you planning on painting the walls of your home? What color do you want to use? Each room can have different colors and it’s all up to you. Colors can sometimes affect our mood and vibes. Bright colors are said to give happy and positive vibes while dark ones give the opposite.

choosing a paint color

There are many things to consider on choosing a paint color for your wall. They said it depends on what room you want to put it in, lighting, etc. If you have no idea on how to pick paint color, you can have some helpful tips from here:

10 Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Color use is important to us personally in our homes and in the places where we work.

Start Small

If you’re not sure where to begin with color, experiment in a powder room or bathroom, a small hall or area between rooms, or an accent wall. Read more…

We can apply designs when painting the wall to make it more attractive. Some people hire professionals to do these things for them but if you have some experience or confident enough that you can do it by yourself then why not give it a go. You can find helpful tips from here:

How to Paint Stripes, Chevrons, Blocks and More

Make a statement by painting patterns and stripes on your walls. A little bit of math, knowing where to place your tape and a few tricks from the pros will help you create the perfect design.

Easy Way to Make Chevrons

Lindsay from the home decor blog LivingWithLindsay zigzagged two accent walls in her bedroom for a high-end boutique look. (Love the contrasting yellow dresser and turquoise lamp too.) Read more…

A newly painted wall can give you a fresh look. It can make you feel like you are in a new house. Putting a design on walls can make it more colorful and attractive. If you want some more painting tips and tricks, watch this video: