Do You Build A CarPort or Garage?

If you are wondering about the most ideal means through which you can cushion your car against the deleterious elements of the weather, a garage or car port is the most appropriate option. However, a garage can serve multi-purposes as a storage area. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either a car port or garage, you should also weigh a cluster of factors to determine the most ideal option for you.


Advantages of a carport

A car port is less expensive compared to a garage; and in some places you also do not need compliance with local authorities’ provisions. A carport is not enmeshed within the living space and does not need fire-rated wall sections and ceilings.

An aluminium carport

You can build a carport that is pre-assembled which can also be attached to your house. This cushions it against hot sun rays, winds or storms. Openly designed car ports also provide sufficient ventilation. Carports are also less-sophisticated in terms of structural framework, thus they do not require professional intervention.

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Disadvantages of a carport

The carports are only aptly constructed to accommodate two vehicles, thus, there is limited space for your tool box and other items that you may have. Similarly, they may not be as sturdy as a garage and cannot withstand the ferociousness of heavy storms, torrential rains and sun waves. Because they’re open, it also means that you can’t really store anything valuable in them as they could get pinched. You might also want to reconsider your security options if you have a very expensive car. A carport will help protect it against the weather, but not someone who’s determined to get themselves a brand new car.


Advantages of a garage

With robust locking systems, a garage comes in handy as a storage area for your vehicle(s), house hold paraphernalia, tool box and equipment. You can ensconce different types of storing compartments like cabinets, drawers or hooks bespoke for garages, which are ultra-capacious for your fleet, work space and storage area.

Wooden Garage

Since garages are four-walled edifices, you can provide sufficient cushioning against sun rays, torrential rains and strong winds. You can also have the entrance act as a large wall that can be opened with ease, this cuts down on space. Interestingly, a well-constructed garage can be refurbished as an annex if your family expands and you need more living space in future.

Disadvantages of a garage

A garage requires extra money and therefore a larger budget in contrast to simple car ports while they are also arduous. You will also need to look into any building regulations and whether a garage used as an annex complies with the local regulations. Urban building codes dictate fire safety measures to counter the spread of fire to adjacent properties. If you decide to install a walkthrough entrance rather than a garage door, you should also make sure you install additional lighting. Thus for a garage, you will have to liaise with the permits office to adhere to the rules and standards applicable.