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A beautiful home renovation project

There comes a time when we take a step back and look at our property in a way that says “It’s time I changed something here”. If you’ve been living at the same house for decades, you need to move with the times. Not just because it means you have a more modern look and feel, but because you’ve probably reached that point where you’re simply bored with the same old thing.

That’s where we come in! We’ve been in the renovating niche for decades and in that time, we’ve developed many properties including building patios, stripping out entire rooms and refurbishing living rooms, even extending living rooms.

One of our favourite projects is to open up a property to the outdoor living. We love projects that focus on creating a harmonious space that utilizes nature in different ways.

But let’s not get carried away! We’ve built all sorts of … Read more


Do You Build A CarPort or Garage?

If you are wondering about the most ideal means through which you can cushion your car against the deleterious elements of the weather, a garage or car port is the most appropriate option. However, a garage can serve multi-purposes as a storage area. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either a car port or garage, you should also weigh a cluster of factors to determine the most ideal option for you.


Advantages of a carport

A car port is less expensive compared to a garage; and in some places you also do not need compliance with local authorities’ provisions. A carport is not enmeshed within the living space and does not need fire-rated wall sections and ceilings.

An aluminium carport

You can build a carport that is pre-assembled which can also be attached to your house. This cushions it against hot sun rays, winds or storms. Openly designed car ports … Read more